Cascade Brewing Barrel House Preview

Just in from Cascade Brewing (kicking off in about an hour so I'm just passing this straight through from the official press release):

Tonight's Tap It Tuesday at 6 pm is "LIVE: Elderberry II." This live barrel of NW-style sour red ale was initially aged for 14 months in French oak wine barrels, then additionally aged on elderberries for five months. Sharp dark port, raisins, black currants and hints of red peppercorns greet you in the nose. Tart dark fruit, blackberries and currants on the palate lead to a slightly drying finish of sweet elderberries, dark grapes and aged port. This is what Sang Royal and Nightfall would taste like if blended together and aged in port barrels! 7.75% ABV, $6 a glass.

For tonight's event, Chef Troy is working on a very limited Elderberry cheese plate with toast points from a new bread made with Cabernet Sauvingnon grape flower and Sang Royal. This should be amazing! Other specials for tonight include a chicken cordon bleu sandwich on toasted ciabatta bun for $8. Later this week, look for a marinated + pickled plate (marinated veggies and a mix of pickled quail eggs & pickled cheese curds) for $7; and grilled red pears with cinnamon mascarpone, local honey and grape cerise compote for $5. This week's rotating fresh fruit is figs until likely Wednesday, when it will switch over to red pears. The sourette is Summer Berry.

Weekend specials include a Chicago-style all beef hot dog served tapas style for $4; and gravlax (Scandinavian cured salmon) canapes with mustard/dill sauce, served on toasted purple Sang Royal bread for $8. Quantities of both specials are limited.

Early next week, look for our Autumn IPA, a seasonal release in celebration of the autumn equinox. Toasted malts, orange citrus zest and dark hop resins greet you in the nose. Toffee and caramels with hints of browned biscuits interplay on the palate. Rich malts, hop resins, caramels and spice coat your tongue with a slight burn. This is less of a Cascadian Dark Ale and more of how we think autumn and hops should taste. It makes for a great pairing with our beer cheese soup; the caramels blend with the cheese and the hop resins leave a slight burn on the tongue, much like French blue cheese. Stats on the beer are 6.3% ABV, 60 IBUs and $4.50 an Imperial pint.

Also next week, we'll be pouring Imperial Amber, a one-off from the brewers that offers a look toward the coming harvest. Delta and Golding hops are balanced by hints of toasted bread in the nose. Mellow caramel notes, slight hop resins and spice on the palate lead to a lingering hop presence in the finish. Although no pumpkin was added, look for slight notes of roasted pumpkin at the end of the glass, from the interplay between the dark Crystal and Munich malts. 7.2% ABV, 45 IBUs and $4.50 an Imperial Pint.