The official beer list for KillerBeerFest has been released! Uh, wow! Not sure there's a beer on here I don't want to try. Brewpublic is showing off what they do best, and the evidence is below. Come out to Bailey's Taproom tomorrow and celebrate some great beer with some official Portland beer geeks! And don't forget to stop by Saraveza tonight to help Angelo and crew celebrate Brewpublic's 3rd Anniversary!

Occidental Sweven Occidental's first Belgian-style ale brewed on their pilot brew system. "Sweven" is an archaic word meaning "dream or vision." Bubblegum and minor phenolics from a trappist yeast ride atop the raisin/fruity notes in this interpretation of a fresh Flemish Ale. 6% ABV.
Boneyard Beer Skunk Ape 6.2 ABV / 60 IBU Prominent hops flavor and aroma from Bravo, Cascade, and Galaxy . Lost of Crystal malt for color and richness. Collaboration with Mervin / Lib Tech sno board company, who makes a board known as Skunk Ape.
Cascade Live: Blueberry Red A one-off from the blenders, this live barrel of NW-style sour ale is a red ale that was barrel aged for seven months, then aged an additional month on 150 lbs. of fresh blueberries. The aroma of dark, earthy rich blueberries greets you in the nose. A smooth, rich fresh blueberry presence on the palate leads to a finish of tart berries with a lingering dry finish. 7.5% ABV
Mt Tabor R&R The R&R or Rooibos & Rye, is a Pale Ale brewed with rye and steeped with a giant bag of Rooibos for 45 minutes after the boil.  Mildly hopped with Cascades and Ahtanums to accentuate the Rooibos flavor and brilliant orange color.   Approx 6.2%, 41 IBU's and high on the Rooibos scale.
New Old Lompoc Sour Willy A blend of 4 different beers. A wheat beer, a wheat beer aged in Port barrels for a month, a golden ale that sat on cherries in a tank for 2 years, and a pale ale that aged in merlot barrels for 4 years that had been infected with Brettanomyces.  4.5% ABV
MacTarnahan's Bourbon Barrel-aged Ink Blot This deep, rich, and, yes, inky brew is quite delicious and we expect to be quaffing a lot more of it once autumn settles in. Munich, Caramel, Special B, and Carafa malts and Perle hops are used in making this beer, part of Mac’s Big Bottle Series. This particular keg spent some time aging in a bourbon barrel for more depth and complexity.
Burnside Barrel-aged Strong Ale This weighty brew is one from the coffers at Burnside Brewing under the care of brewmaster Jason McAdam. A blend of six-month aged barrels and straight strong ale, this beer promises a big malt profile and waves many nuances.
Oakshire La Ferme du Funk This Saison is from the 2010 Cheers to Belgian Beers (La Ferme) was laid down for 18 months on Oregon Grown Apricots and Wild Yeast in a Pinot Noir Barrel. Mildy tart and fruity, with a touch of leather, oak tannins and a touch of the funk. 7.5% ABV.
Upright De La Six Upright's KillerBeerFest brew is the De La Six (Six fermented with De La Senne yeast, second use gin barrel aged, lightly spiced with lemon peel,safflower and roobois).
Natian Old Grogham Here is Natian's seasonal Winter IPA. It is the Old Grogham from last years Holiday Ale festival and has made the journey for your palate's pleasure.
Walking Man 2009 Old Stumblefoot Four malts, dark Belgian candi sugar, Northwest hops. 85 IBU;OG 1.14;FG 1.04. 12.3% ABV. Brewmaster Dan Munch has been stowing this one for something killer such as this.
Coalition Estate Beer A freshing ale brewed with freshly picked wet hops from Coalition's brewery grounds.
Laurelwood Firkin Vinter Varmer with Candied Nuts As the name indicates, this beer is the perfect warmer for the season, with a distinct sweet nuttiness, robust malty spine and snappy hop twang, it is worth squirreling away. Enjoy a pint now because it won't be around for long.
Breakside Alexander Legume An assertive Red Ale made in collaboration with Brewpublic that features Rooibos and Chinato spices
10 Barrel Jimmy From this wonderful Bend breweries one-off name series, this raspberry coffee sour is named for brewmaster Jimmy Seifrit.
Barley Brown's 2011 Sled Wreck From esteemed brewmaster Shawn Kelso comes this winter warmer with a monstrous hop profile featuring high alpha bursts of Amarillo and Simcoes.
Portland U-Brew Rooibos Red Six ounces of late addition Rooibos were added to this malt-driven amber ale from the small batch brewers at Portland U-Brew in Sellwood.
The Commons The Gods Must Be Crazy From the brewery formerly known as Beetje come this special one-off. A 1bbl batch of a Belgian blonde ale brewed with palm sugar, melegueta pepper seeds and African coriander. During the whirlpool nearly 5lbs. of Rooibos tea were added to give it an earthy/nutty tea character.6.72 ABV,23 IBU's
Bend Brewing Ching Ching From brewmaster Tonya Cornett, notice the beautifully beckoning hue of this Berliner Weisse-style ale with pomegranate and hibiscus
Logsdon Farmhouse Fresh Hop Seizoen Considered by many to be the darling of the 2011 Hood River Fresh Hops Fest, this brew features nine varieties of organic hops grown at Larch Creek Farms in Dufur, Oregon. "We drove them straight to the brewery and loaded up our conditioning tank with Seizoen and all the fresh hops we could stuff in."
Fort George Red Tide Imperial Red A big badass American-style red ale from Astoria's finest brewery.
Silver Moon Boyz in the Wood From this kickass Bend brewery comes "Boyz", an 8% bourbon barrel aged barley wine blend. It’s delish and never before served in Portland.