Burnside Brewing joins forces with Simpatica Catering and Laurelhurst Market executive chef David Kriefels to concoct a one of a kind four course Jamaican inspired beer pairing dinner at their dining hall on SE Ash.

Burnside Brewing not even one year old is continuously pushing the boundaries of traditional American and German-style beer while always keeping in mind how beer plays off of food. This dinner at acclaimed restaurant Simpatica is a great chance to experiment with different styles of food and beer not always associated with each other. Chef's have created a completely unique menu inspired by traditional items of Jamaica and playing off the spiciness, smokiness and sweetness found in various Burnside Brewing beers that work with any style of food. This extremely limited dinner will sell out fast so we recommend making your seating reservation soon.

Brewer's Dinner with Burnside Brewing -Each Course Accompanied By A Beer Pairing-

Jamaican Menu

  • Beef Patties (Hand Pies) with Jicama Slaw & Herb Coulis paired with Gratzer Ale
  • Curried Shrimp & Snapper Stew with Potatoes & Heirloom Peppers paired with Burnside Sweet Heat Ale
  • Jerk Poussin with Rice & Peas, Grilled Scallions & Jerk Sauce paired with Oatmeal Pale Ale
  • Sweet Potato Pie with Ginger Snap Crust & Chantilly Cream paired with Bourbon Stout

$50 per person Dinner begins at 7:30 pm

About Simpatica: Exploring new avenues of food and taking no shortcuts, we are committed to culinary tradition. All dishes are prepared from scratch. We have our own charcuterie and butcher shop that supplies all of our meat offerings from pates to sausages to whole animals. Drawing from our varied backgrounds and upbringings, we have a broad range of culinary history to choose from whether it be American Regional, European Regional, Asian or Pacific.

We are proud to have some of Portland's most talented chefs on our team. Simpatica is led by chef/owners Jason Owens, David Kreifels and Ben Dyer. Our front of the house staff is led by General Manager Cara Busacker and Catering Director Jamie O'Brien.We feature a highly talented and dedicated support crew, including Chefs Jesse Jones, Jack Morrison and Benjamin Shaw.

Our strengths lie in our diversity. We are a dining hall, supper club and food resource. We work closely with local chefs, farmers and food producers. Challenging ourselves and our employees we tirelessly push ourselves to new heights.