Check out director John Richards' new project "Beer Hunter: The Movie". He is raising funds on Kickstarter to complete not only a film about the Michael Jackson, but also a series of "Beer Hunter: The Lost Tapes" out of 63 hours of unpublished footage acquired between 2004 and Michael's death in 2007.

Currently, the project is sitting at $8708 out of a total of $30,000 needed to fund the project. It's got a long way to go by the end of January deadline, so check out the video for information on the movie, which also includes a trailer. Even a few pledged dollars will help.

I don't think we can ever have too much Michael Jackson and this unpublished footage is a great glimpse of one of the fathers of the craft beer movement. It's difficult to say that the craft beer industry wouldn't around without him, but it would be in a much younger state. Through his writing and love of great beer, he was an inspiration to an entire industry and community of beer lovers and this film is a great way to celebrate his memory and his contribution to each pint we drink.