Black Out Party Lompoc Sidebar 3901A N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 4pm-10pm

Lompoc Brewing's Sidebar is having a great event tomorrow night: the Black Out Party! Big, bold, dark beers and a great way to see the influences of different types of coffee on the same base beer. Compare Ristretto Roasters' Beaumont Blend, Peruvian proprietary roast, and El Salvadorian proprietary roast. Check out the official press release:

Come to the Dark Side tomorrow from 4 to 10 pm at Sidebar for our Black Out Party, featuring a number of rich, dark beers, including,

  • 2009 Dark Side Porter, brewed in July 2009 and cellared for 2.5 years. It has a malty body with strong roast and chocolate flavors (7.5% ABV);
  • 2010 Bourbon Barrel Aged 8 Malty Nights, originally brewed for Hannukah 2009 and aged in Bourbon barrels for nine months, it has a roasted chocolate flavor with hints of Bourbon and oak (6.5% ABV);
  • 2010 Pre Dawn Stout, the base beer for our popular Black Dawn Coffee Stout, brewed with eight choice malts and flaked barley to create a full bodied stout with layered flavors of bittersweet chocolate, tobacco and molasses (7.5% ABV);
  • Black Dawn III, the third installment of our annual coffee stout, features strong roast and dark chocolate notes that play nicely with the dominating coffee presence, courtesy of more than three pounds of coffee per barrel. Our friends at Ristretto Roasters provided the coffee, cold pressing 20 pounds of the Beaumont Blend (7.2% ABV);
  • Black Dawn Peru, featuring the same base beer as the Black Dawn III, only blended with Ristretto Roasters Peruvian proprietary roast (7.2% ABV); and
  • Black Dawn El Salvador, again the same base beer as the Black Dawn III, only blended with Ristretto Roasters El Salvadorian proprietary roast (7.2% ABV).