Website Features

You'll notice a few great changes on the beer page. Every beer now has a rating display box. However, a beer needs at least 5 ratings by different users in order to display a numerical rating, otherwise you'll see an "n/a" in the box. So now, all in one spot, you can see your ratings alongside the compile ratings of everyone else.

We've also added a "View Top 40 Beers" button on the "Customize Beer List" sidebar area.  This is the best place to start if you want to see the new ratings feature. Click here to open this Top 40 Beers page in a new window. Earlier this week we also added a way to filter the beer list by beer style or by brewery. This is a great way to easily rate your favorite beers by style or brewery.

When you're logged in, you'll also see more data about your favorites, based on your ratings: the total number of beers you've rated, favorite breweries, favorite styles, and average ABV and IBU across all of your rated beers.

We've made these changes based on your suggestions and we'll keep improving things as we get more feedback from you. We're pretty tough, so send us your criticisms as well--it will help us fulfill our goal of "More good, less bad."