Brotherly Love from The Commons Brewery
Brotherly Love Bottle Release 750ml bottles, $15 each 1810 SE 10th Ave Saturday March 24th, Noon
Brewvana Tour: The Commons Brewery
Mike Wright, Founding Brewer

The day has finally come: The Commons Brewery releases its first bottle conditioned beer! Brotherly Love will be released on Saturday March 24th at the brewery. That's the good news. The bad news? Only 150 of these handcrafted 750ml bottles of this beer will leave the brewery. Well, I guess it's only bad news for those of you who don't plan ahead and get to the brewery before they're gone!

It should be an amazing beer since it's built upon a great foundation: Little Brother. I've had this beer on several occasions, and am always excited to see it on the boards around Portland. It's rich with sweet candy, caramel, and light chocolate flavors, pours dark, and has a soft bready body. While it's delicious on its own, the addition of tart cherries, cocoa nibs, and bourbon barrel aging has the potential to nudge this from an A to an A+.

From the label: "A variation of our Little Brother Belgian dark strong ale, Brotherly Love is matured in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels with red tart cherries and roasted Peruvian cocoa nibs. Take your time with this rich, decadent beer – and share it with friends.

The Beetje Series is a celebration of The Commons Brewery’s nano roots. First brewed in 2010 on a one-barrel system housed in Mike Wright’s garage, these small-batch beers pay homage to the rustic brewery that continues to inspire our creativity and ingenuity."