Brewvana Portland Brewery Tours

Brewvana Brewery Tours announces a new tour with a homebrew twist: The Intro to Homebrewing Tour. You'll find more info about Brewvana in an upcoming article covering our recent ride with Ashley and Brewvana.

From the official press release: It’s clear that Portland residents love drinking craft beer! Given that, what’s the next logical step? Learning how to brew, of course! BREWVANA Brewery Tours is hosting an Intro to Homebrewing Tour for beer lovers interested in learning more about the brewing process or taking up homebrewing. The tour is scheduled for Sunday, March 25th, from 12 - 5 p.m. and will feature five brewing facilities that support the local homebrewer, two of which are also homebrew supply shops and led by a homebrewer that is active in the local community.

“Making the jump from beer lover to brewer was an important step in my appreciation for beer and knowledge of the brewing process. Something inside of you changes when you add your hops to the boil, and again when you taste those hops in the final product and make the connection. There are so many beer lovers in Portland that have yet to make that step. On this tour, we give them the opportunity to do just that!” says BREWVANA founder Ashley Rose Salvitti.

The tour will visit Portland U-Brew & Pub, Uptown Market, The Green Dragon, Coalition Brewing and Widmer Brothers Brewing. Tour participants will gain a number of homebrewing insights as well as information that will help ease their venture into the amazing world of homebrewing. Topics include:

  1. WHY you should brew your own beer
  2. WHO can help you: clubs, forums, classes and other resources
  3. WHAT equipment you’ll need
  4. WHERE you can go to brew your own, or purchase supplies
  5. HOW to brew!

Jeremie Landers from the Oregon Brew Crew Oregon’s oldest homebrewing club will be leading the tour. Jeremie has been homebrewing for years, volunteers at almost every beer event in town and even got married inside the Widmer Brothers brewery! He will be informing the group of future homebrewers about the ins & outs of homebrewing, answering questions and sharing resources, tips and tricks.

Tickets for the Intro to Homebrewing Tour are $79 per person and include beer, food and fun! Tickets are available at BREWVANA’s website: Seating is limited and reservations must be made in advance. Pick-up times and locations for the tour are 11:30 a.m. at SW Salmon Springs Fountain (SW Naito Pkwy. & SW Salmon St.) and 11:45 a.m. at the Oregon Convention Center (NE MLK Jr. Blvd. & NE Oregon St.).