Biere de Garde from The Commons Brewery

Beer + Rain = PDX. It's the new, new math. While I don't have time to explain all of the intricacies of the equation, your takeaway is the beer part. In this case, The Commons Brewery's Biere de Garde. A trip to the The Commons Brewery taps during their limited tasting room hours will yield an amazing assortment of Belgian inspired beers. You can get them by the glass and even better, a four beer sampler. Choose the sampler, because you're going to want to try as many of these beers as you can. The Biere de Garde is only their second bottling following their inaugural release of Brotherly Love. More please.

Keep up to date with what's brewing on their Website, over on Facebook, or through Twitter.

UPDATE: After so many requests, we've added this to our downloads section for you to use as you please!