Cascade Brewing Barrel House Preview

Live Red is tomorrow's Tap It Tuesday release at Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Only a mouthful will tell, but I'm intrigued by the flavor profile below, especially the combination of hazelnut, currants, and bourbon barrel!

"This week's Tap It Tuesday at 6pm is Live Red, a NW style sour red ale that was aged for four months in Bourbon barrels. Dark red wine, raisins and red grape skin aromas are noticed up front. Sweet red grapes and caramel with hints of hazelnuts roll across the palate. Bright red currants and cherries linger in the finish. There is no fruit or spicing in this beer, it's just a double red aged on oak. 6.5 % ABV, $6 per glass. "

There has also been an update on this week's bottle releases. Sang Noir is still on, but Figaro has been delayed:

"...we are very sorry to report that Figaro has been deemed not ready for release by our brewmaster. We only want the best for our sour fans, so we will release no beer before its time. This Thursday will still see the release of Sang Noir at 4:30 pm at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House. It will also be available on the internet that same day (click here). Sang Noir is a blend of red ales that were aged in oak and Bourbon barrels for 12 months before aging on fresh Bing and sour pie cherries for an additional six months. The cost is $21 per 750 ml bottle and there is no bottle limit.

As for the release of Figaro, stay tuned for an update in the weeks to come; we are coordinating with City Beer Store in San Francisco."

Remember, Cascade Brewing Barrel House is sponsoring this month’s contest and giving away a vintage bottle to the winner: 2008 Vlad the Imp Aler!