Cascade Brewing Barrel House Preview

Another Tap it Tuesday is upon us, in less than 3 hours! Check out the details from the press release:

"Tonight's Tap It Tuesday Live from the Barrel series at 6pm is Cinnamon Quad. This NW style sour ale is a blond quad that was barrel aged with cinnamon and is a blending component used in several projects, including Vlad the Imp Aler. Aromas of cinnamon with a hint of Bourbon are the first to be noticed. Rich, sweet malts, cinnamon and oak on the palate lead to a tart, slightly spicy cinnamon finish. Look for the cinnamon note to climb as this ages - think along the lines of Red Hots without the burn. 9.5% ABV, $7.50 Glass or $2.50 taster."

Remember, Cascade Brewing Barrel House is sponsoring this month’s contest and giving away a vintage bottle to the winner: 2008 Vlad the Imp Aler!