Session Fest Brewers Night Thursday July 26th, 7:00 PM   Session Fest 2012 Friday July 27th-29th, 'Open' to Close   Naked City Taphouse [Map] Seattle, WA

In general, beers in the Northwest start out strong. In Portland, out of 542 beers surveyed, the mean ABV is 6.61%—up from last year—with a standard deviation of 1.72. In fact, it's pretty rare to find a beer under 5% ABV in town. In the UK however, when I asked to move up to a strong beer (from my current 3.5% ABV), I was handed a beer weighing in at a mighty 4.3% ABV. "That's the top," our bartender said. As I sipped my pint, I wondered if I could find a beer back in Portland that was 4.3% ABV.

Enter Session Fest: "Session Fest was conceived as a way to educate like-minded festival goers you shouldn't have to worry about your condition an hour or two later," says Paul Orchard of the Northwest Beer Guide. Paul wants to bring the focus back to flavor and allow festival goers to sample more beers at a lower ABV, with most beers being at 5% ABV or lower.

Sounds like a great event, with a list of of beers I've never sampled. If you find yourself up ni Seattle this weekend, stop by! Check out the details from the official press release:

This year the festival will be featuring almost 25 breweries and over 35 beers. Look for beers like 3.80% Oakshire Whack & Unwrap Chocolate Orange Porter, 4.20% Big Time SMASH* Single Malt & Single Hop Ale, and Elysian's 4.50% Bikini Kill Ale. Also, check out pre-event event—Brewers Night: Featuring Session Fest beers, prizes, and opportunity to talk to the breweries about their beers.

  • Big Al Brewing (Rat City American-style Blonde)
  • Big Time Brewery & Alehouse (S*M*A*S*H* American-style Single Malt & Single Hop Ale)
  • Boundary Bay Brewery & Pub (Irish-style Dry Stout)
  • Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen
  • Diamond Knot Brewery & Pub Diamond Knot American-style Blonde)
  • Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub (German-style Black Lager)
  • Elysian Brewery & Pub
  • Emerald City Brewing (German-style Lager)
  • Foggy Noggin (Bit O'Beaver Enlish-style Special Bitter)
  • Fremont Brewing Co. (American-style Wheat Ale)
  • Georgetown Brewing Co. (American-style Session India Pale Ale)
  • Hale's Ales Brewery & Pub (German-style Kolsch)
  • Maritime Pacific Brewery & Pub (American-style Oatmeal Pale Ale)
  • Northwest Peaks Brewery
  • Oakshire Brewing Co. (Chocolate & Orange Porter)
  • Odin (Belgian-style Wit)
  • Pike Brewery, Pub, & Museum
  • Schooner Exact Brewing (American-style Wheat Ale with Raspberries)
  • Silver City (Mud Puddle Barrel-aged Sour Mash)
  • Snoqualimie Falls (Black Frog)
  • Sound (Koppern Ketel Belgian-style Pale Ale)
  • Sound (German-style Kristalweizen)
  • Two Beers (India Session Ale)
  • Wingman (Belgian Session Ale)