The highly touted Figaro is finally here. From the description, it sounds great—and you already know what cascade does with complex barrel aged beers. In fact, Cascade Brewing beers are taking up 8 of the top 20 spots on our Top 20 beer list, as voted by you!

It's been a long wait, but Figaro is tapping tonight at 6pm at the weekly Tap It Tuesday event at the Barrel House. Bottles will be available next week. From the official press release:

FI-GA-RO. Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, FI-GA-RO.

Sorry, it's impossible to type that word without hearing the booming operatic singing in the background! But the part you want to know is this: live Figaro from the barrel is today's Tap It Tuesday feature at 6 pm. This NW style sour strong blond ale was barrel aged in fresh Chardonnay barrels for three months, then further aged with dried Adriatic white figs and Spanish lemon peel for an additional six months. Aromas of sweet malts, figs, golden raisins and citrus zest are noticed up front. Hints of white wine grapes, lemon peel and sweet figs roll across the palate, leading to a crisp lemon sharpness in the finish that leaves a lingering sweetness on the tongue. 9.5% ABV, $7.50 glass, $2.50 taster.

And the next question is, obviously, "when will bottles be released?" The answer is... next week! Figaro was made in 2011 for the 5th anniversary of the City Beer Store, located in San Francisco. It's been barrel aging since then, and trust us, it's worth the wait! For those of you in Northern California, you will be able to purchase Figaro in bottles next Thursday, August 23 at City Beer Store, 1168 Folsom St, Ste 101, time TBA. For those who live in the Portland area, Figaro will be released at 5 pm on Friday, August 24 at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House and at the Raccoon Lodge. There is a limit of two bottles per person.

Figaro will only be available at the Barrel House, the Raccoon Lodge and City Beer Store in San Francisco. Sorry, but there will be NO online sales of this beer; the quantities are just too limited.