Double Mountain Killer GreenDouble Mountain Killer Red

Double Mountain Brewery is going to make sure that you leave with some bottled fresh hop goodness when you leave this year's Hood River Hops Fest. You can get your hands on these two beers starting at 11:00am on Saturday September 29th. Since fresh hop beers are meant to be consumed as, well fresh as possible, these are a limited run and are only available at the Hood River taproom. These new bottles join the Kolch, IRA, and Hop Lava on the shelves, for sale at Double Mountain Brewery. Soon, you can expect to see Vaporizer in that lineup as well!

Killer Red: Fresh Hop Strong IRA

It’s harvest time again, which means using just-picked hops straight from Sodbuster Farm inthe Willamette Valley. Our choice of hops for the Killer Green were a little late this year, so wedecided to craft a sister brew with fresh Perles to fill the thirsty void. Killer Red has distinctapple/pine/orange notes from the hops, and pulls that biscuit/caramel character you find inour India Red Ale (“IRA”). Drinks like it’s IRA, but the extra strength is worth respecting. 7.2% ABV, 88 IBU

Killer Green: Fresh Hop Strong IPA

This years' Killer Green clocked in a little stronger than last year. (And we like that...) TheBrewers Gold hops that we used fresh, also from Sodubster Farms, had a longer growingseason, resulting in a more intense hop aroma and mouthfeel. Less fruity than its Red-headedcousin and a tad sweeter on the palate, the hop character in the KG delivers herbal notes,toward mint and oregano with a hint of the Jamaican highland.I and I approve. 7.5% ABV, 97 IBU