Block 15 Brewing, Corvallis, OR
Bloktoberfest 2012 Saturday October 13th 1pm-10pm Jefferson Street, Block 15

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...Fall dropped in late like a pathetic party guest and we pretty much know the rest of the story, right? Shorter days, cooler air, and rain. But its not all doom and gloom. As any Oregonian can attest there are many vices to comfortably rest the frustrations and sadness of the long hike into Spring. Chief among them is beer, and some damn good beer too.

So far its seemed just downright naughty that I've been plucking the fall seasonal from isle shelves and transporting them under high 80's with shades on. Yet I've been faithful while still allowing the occasional wondering eye toward the remaining summer brews. But now, this weekend I can indulge in the transition of properly with the 4th annual Bloktoberfest happening this weekend in Corvallis put on by none other than Block 15 Brewery.

Block 15 is a great reason for beer lovers and cultured socialites to visit Corvallis this weekend. With permission from the city, Block 15 spills their skills out onto the street with a two-tent set up mixing old school Oktoberfest with new school shenanigans. From 1-10pm on Sat you can bounce between one tent, with live music and later a full on Lederhosen costume contest and another tent broadcasting the Beavers game and other PAC 12 action. See the Block 15 website for more details.

We talked Fall, we maxed the community angle, now let's talk beer. As a standard Block 15 usually has between 12-14 taps going and introduces a new friend every few weeks. Just last week they released their emotions and bottled three beers instead from their specialty barrel program: The Demons Farm, Strawberry Fields, and Framboise White. In addition to the specialty barrel, I would recommend staring your festivities with the Ridgeback Red, a malty, hoppy, balanced red ale which will serve as the above-ground railroad to Fall freedom. Once you've settled in, try the Aboriginale. This beer is Tom Hanks cause it's BIG. It packs in 7 malts and 3 hop varieties finishing at 7.1% with only 50 IBUs. If you're still on the fence and not ready to take off the shades yet you can always continue to enjoy the One Hop Wonder or this poppy little number that always pairs well with Lederhosen; Wandlepad. Either way there's plenty to drink and zero excuses not to pile on under the tents on Jefferson Street this Saturday.