Pig War from Hopworks Urban Brewery

This is a great IPA from Hopworks! I'm sipping the one pictured above as I type. Despite the IBUs at 80, the finish on this is not overly bitter, allowing the lush fruit flavors from the hops shine through. With wheat in the malt bill, the mouthfeel is silky. On tap this year, it was remarkable. This bottled version comes in a notch lower at fantastic—only because the hops are bit more muted in both the aroma and the flavor. I picked this one up today at Whole Foods for just over $4.50. Great price for a great beer.

From hopworksbeer.com:

Our estate ale uses both Willamette and Cascade hops grown exclusively for Hopworks on San Juan Island. These hops impart a fresh, crisp and stunning fruitiness, coupled perfectly with aromatic floral herbaceousness. A rich malt body and warming finish are followed by a subtle, balancing hop bitterness.

The name Pig War commemorates the confrontation in 1859 between American and British authorities over San Juan Island.

8% ABV 80 IBU 19.8 Plato