Angelo M De Ieso II
Benefit for Angelo De Ieso II Fundly Thursday, October 17th 5pm-10pm The Commons Brewery 1810 SE 10th Avenue Portland, OR

Beer is an excellent perk, but I got into this business because of the (mostly) unassuming people and the knowledgeable PDX beer community. Raising a pint with friends—especially Portland beer lovers—is a special experience for me. Instant and lasting friendships can emerge in a brewery or taproom.

My site has never turned a profit, and after almost 10 years, I still don't care. I'm not looking for (that much) fame or (any) fortune. In fact, more money leaves my wallet than returns. Like the rest of the community bloggers, I just want to be part of the amazing beer scene in this city. From brewers to keg washers to servers to marketing departments: it's an amazing and supportive community.

Over the last ten years, I've made countless friends and had many memorable celebrations—and, of course, some not so memorable ones. Despite everything the community has given me, I would trade it in all to help a good friend.

There are very few people in my life that I've had instant trust in, coupled with a complete rapport. When I was 18, I had a roommate, Jeff. I was never sure what it was about him—and I'm still not sure today—but I immediately knew that despite how little I knew of him, he would always have my back—in any situation. In return, I'd do the same. I was unsure of the motivation or connection, but sometimes you meet people and you know right away that they are worth your time, worth your protection, and worth the investment. It comes down to an innate trust, and a feeling that you've actually—and finally—met a good person. That might seem like an unworthy generic label, but there are so few people that truly qualify as good people in the moral, ethical, and human sense.

There is a reason that Angelo is known throughout the country. Sure, he was an early supported of craft beer through his site, but it's much more than that. It certainly is easy to see that Angelo loves beer. I've seen him opposite a pint on countless occasions. But the connection is much more than what's in the glass. Angelo is honest, immediate, compassionate, trustworthy, and one of the few good people that I've come across in my long journey on this planet.

Now, I don't want to canonize Angelo as the patron saint of anything. However, it would be remiss of me not to talk about the positive impact he's had on me over the years.

And now he needs our help. This is certainly not the time to get into a political discussion and argue over the health care system when there's a black and white number staring us in the face: $200,000. This is a ridiculous and obscene number for anyone faced with this kind of bill—and I'm still shocked by my monthly Comcast bill.

But I'm not here writing and begging for money. I only hope that my story resonates with a few of you. Maybe you've met Angelo. Maybe you've met someone like him. Maybe you just want to support a really great person that you don't know. If you're in any of these categories, you've got two easy options to help out.

First and foremost, you can drink beer. Really! Come out to the Commons Brewery this Thursday and drink a pint, or two, or three (if you're cycling), or four (if you're walking), etc. The Commons is donating all draft sales to Angelo's medical fund. Along with the Commons, several other breweries have donated kegs for the event so that you can enjoy great Oregon beer while supporting a great cause. And if yoou don't believe my story, look at the amazing breweries that have contributed to this event:

  • Commons—Urban Farmhouse
  • Commons—Gose
  • Breakside—Wanderlust IPA
  • Deschutes—Weizenbock
  • Fort George Brewery—Next Adventure Black IPA
  • Gigantic/Ecliptic—TicWitTic (Sour Wit)
  • Laurelwood—Monksfest (Belgian Single)
  • Ninkasi—Sterling Pils
  • Occidental Brewing Company—Dunkelweizen
  • Upright—English Pale Ale
  • Vertigo—Hop Harvest (Fresh Hop IPA)
  • Widmer—Upheaval IPA (Northwest IPA)

Secondly, you can donate directly through Angelo's Fundly campaign. Honestly, anything helps. Donate a dollar, donate ten, donate a thousand. And, if you're a firm believer that two is better than one, the first person willing to donate $200, I will match it. If you want to donate this amount, please contact me at I will take your check and turn it into a $400 donation. It's an easy way to double your impact for a great cause.

Cheers Angelo. You've been here for us and now we're here for you. Be well and dream of delicious beer.