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The 2nd Annual Portland Fruit Beer Fest Gets Bigger and Better

If you haven't heard yet, the 2nd Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival happened a little over a week ago, and it was bigger and better than it's first year. Expanding it's limits from the Burnside Brewing parking lot onto 7th street, the festival added more beer, more food and live music. On Sunday June 10th, I made my way to the festival to bring you a few details and to remind you that if you... Read More »

The 2nd Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival To Make A Bigger and Better Comeback

2012 Portland Fruit Beer Festival Saturday June 9th, 11am-9pm Sunday June 10th, 11am-6pm All ages welcome The Portland Fruit Beer Festival was my personal favorite last year. You can imagine my excitement at being able to go behind the scenes a week before the fest to chat with the people and brewers of the PFBF and try some of the beers you'll be waiting in line to drink this weekend. The brain behind this immensely... Read More »

Touring the 2012 Spring Beer and Wine Festival

In its 18th year, the Spring Beer and Wine Festival opened its doors today to beer, wine, spirits, cheese and chocolate enthusiasts from all around. For only $25 you can try a wide variety of locally made food and drinks, listen as some of Portland's best and smartest give you their tips and tricks, and enjoy live music. Early this morning, I was lucky to be able to attend this years media preview for the... Read More »

Three of the Best Places in Portland for Great Beer and Phenomenal Food

We all know that finding good beer in Portland is like finding sand on a beach. You can now walk into almost any bar or restaurant in your area and find at least one quality local beer on tap. It's so common in fact, that I find myself surprised when I walk into a place and don't find Ninkasi's Total Domination, or Deschutes' Mirror Pond on tap—that's blasphemy in Portland! However, if you're looking for... Read More »

Why The Buckman-Kerns Brew Fest?

January 26, 2012
Fests are popping up by the dozen these days here in Portland. Of course there's the Oregon Brewers Fest and the Holiday Ale Festival, but more and more frequently we are seeing small taprooms and breweries organize their own festivals. In the last year, Portland has been host to many of these including Burnside Brewing's Fruit Beer Fest, the Hop and Vine's Fire and Brimstone, Hopworks BiKETOBEERFEST, and the Beermongers 2nd Anniversary Fest. The first thing one should... Read More »

Discovering Lagers Through Heater Allen

November 18, 2011
© Elii Walsh Over Halloween weekend, I had the pleasure of sampling a few beers from a McMinnville based brewery, Heater Allen.  At Heater Allen they "specialize in producing distinctive all-malt lager and other German and Czech style beers". Being that I've never been a huge lager fan, this is new territory for me. What is a lager? From Heater Allen's website, "Lager beers are fermented at lower temperatures than ale, using yeast that has adapted to... Read More »

Summer Closed With The 8th Annual Hood River Hops Fest

Fresh hop season has come and gone, and being Oregonians, we are not only spoiled with so many breweries close to home, but these breweries have access to some of the local fresh hops this time of year straight from the Willamette Valley. So as Summer closed, our beloved local brewers not only created new fresh hop beers, but also recreated versions of our classic favorites. Every fall, the Hood River Chamber of Commerce brings... Read More »

A Walk Through Fire & Brimstone: A Celebration of Smoke & Chili Beers

September 28, 2011
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Elii Walsh's inaugural post with our blog. She will be drinking her way through Portland and writing about her adventures. Please join me in welcoming her to her new home at! In the bottle shop of the Hop and Vine, a carefully chosen selection of smoke and chili beers, mainly from Oregon, (with guest stars from Alaska, California, Colorado, Utah, and even the Netherlands) were set up Saturday the 24th and... Read More »