Blog Author: Jen Peck

Sailing the 7 Seas: A Little Road Trip to Gig Harbor, WA

April 17, 2013
Yep. Cheesy headline. But my obsession for 7 Seas Brewing is ridiculous enough that it just kind of works. Three years ago I discovered 7 Seas Brewing's tiny, itty-bitty taproom in a self-storage alleyway, behind a seedy hotel, off the beaten path, in the industrial area of Gig Harbor, WA. They only offered four beers on tap. They were on to something though. Their Ballz Deep IPA was the first craft beer I drank out... Read More »

The Breakside Brewery Taproom Grand Opening

February 6, 2013
Taproom/Milwaukie Hours Mon-Fri: 3-7:30ish Sat: 12-6:30ish On Saturday, January 25th, five members of the team gathered at Base Camp Brewing in SE Portland for a quarterly-ish meeting of the beer minds. The discussion turned toward the upcoming grand opening of the Breakside Taproom in Milwaukie, OR. I was alone in groaning that I’d never had a good beer from Breakside. (Yes, there were audible gasps from my four compatriots.) So, of course, as with... Read More »

Aftermath: 2012 Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest

Friday night, September 7th at 6:55PM, I shuffled my arse into the VIP line for the commencement of the two day Widmer Oktoberfest. I was sweating profusely and though I wish I could poetically blame it on anxiety due to this being my first on-duty beer event, it was more likely due to the 97 degree heat and the large crowd waiting to get into see the Sami Rouissi Band followed by the Portland Cello... Read More »

2012 Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest

Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest 929 North Russell Street Friday, Sept. 7th, 7pm to 11pm Saturday, Sept. 8th, 1pm to 11:00pm Friday night, I’m headed to the wilds of North Portland to cover my first beer event, the Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest. I am relieved that this limited selection event is my breakthrough—as going through the beers of one brewery is not as daunting as facing dozens, and I can, indeed, try them all. Add that to the fact... Read More »

Jen Peck, Beer Lover

June 4, 2012
Allow me to introduce myself as a new member of the team. I’m Jen. My relationship with beer has been a long one. My grandfather was a foreman for Olympia Beer in Tumwater. There was always Olympia Beer in his fridge. A LOT of it. There was also company swag everywhere in the house: Olympia Beer keg cups, Olympia Beer aprons, Olympia Beer ashtrays and mirrors and serving trays. By the time I was... Read More »