Blog Author: Mike Conway

Beer and Bikes Make Things So Nice

August 18, 2013
I love beer and I love biking. There are not many more things in my life, aside from family, that I cherish so much.  If I could run off on a world tour by bike, stopping only for sleep, food, and beer, I would (maybe at the sacrifice of being divorced). However, circumstances as they may be, I opt for a beautiful day trip on my bike to one of my many favorite water holes.... Read More »

2013 North American Organic Brewers Festival

Photo courtesy of NAOBF This is the second year in a row that I attended my favorite beer festival in Portland. The North American Organic Brewers Festival (NAOBF) is family oriented, small, environmentally conscience, and stocked with some damn fine beer. The NAOBF offered 60 organic beers and ciders from California, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington along with sustainable practices that many other festivals (not just beer festivals) should adopt to lessen the impact... Read More »

What Makes a Great Pub?

Hemingway had La Closerie des Lilas Café, his favorite place to write and drink while living in Paris. Orwell provided a detailed description of his ideal public house in “The Moon Under Water.” I may never be the writer both these men were, but they knew what a drinking establishment needed to be great and I think I do too. I do have a favorite watering hole and occasionally I pretend I am seated across... Read More »

2013 Portland Fruit Beer Festival Preview

June 5, 2013
I like beer. I like juice. The organizers of the Portland Fruit Beer Festival (PFBF) have given me a reason to enjoy my two favorite beverages. May I drink a beer in the morning if it is brewed with fruit juice? I certainly hope so. I was offered the privilege to attend the preview tasting for several of the PFBF’s beers at Burnside Brewing Co. I am usually not a fan of American fruit beers.... Read More »

A New Urban Winery Pairs Beer with Cheese. WTF?

Photo Courtesy of Sasha Davies Have you heard of Cyril’s? No? Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery is a remarkable new southeast industrial Portland urban winery. Recently, I visited Cyril’s and tasted some pretty delicious cheese. Not paired with wine, but with beer. Yes, I wrote that. B-E-E-R. No wine in sight except for the wine fermenting in sight, but nothing in a glass. O.K? Don’t worry; I haven’t switched sides. Photo Courtesy of Mike Conway... Read More »

Wineries Have Clubs, So Why Not Breweries?

May 8, 2013
All right, I know that I may be giving away the farm in this blog post, but remember who told you first—and hire me to run your new beer club for your brewery (because I can do it and make you money). Don't forget who told you first. I'm serious. I have always been good at finding gaps, seeing where something could be made better or where something lacks. Portland has got the best beer... Read More »

Widmer, Ya Did it Again!

In my last post (Beer: Don’t Describe it, Drink it.) I discussed how beer brings people together and helps build community. When drinking any one of the many craft beers available, one quickly learns there is more in a beer than just flavor. Widmer Brothers Brewing knows this too. I was invited to a private Widmer Brothers Brewing tasting held at BEER on Monday, April 15th. I was rather reluctant. Expecting a panel of judges,... Read More »

Beer: Don't Describe It, Drink It.

April 4, 2013
Most beer aficionados have a beer geek side that loves to break beers down, pull out the notes that create the liquid composition. You may hear such descriptions when beer tasting: Earthy, roasty, with a hint of citrus. However, the traditional tastings—like wine tastings—can deter the novice and experienced alike from enjoying the very essence of a pint: to connect with your friends and family. I decided to forego traditions, invite some beer-loving friends in... Read More »