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The 2nd Annual Portland Fruit Beer Fest Gets Bigger and Better

If you haven't heard yet, the 2nd Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival happened a little over a week ago, and it was bigger and better than it's first year. Expanding it's limits from the Burnside Brewing parking lot onto 7th street, the festival added more beer, more food and live music. On Sunday June 10th, I made my way to the festival to bring you a few details and to remind you that if you... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Hopworks Sasquatch Strong Ale [February 2009]

Hopworks Sasquatch Strong Ale [February 2009] Way to go Hopworks, three beers of the month in a row. How did you do it this time? You collaborated with Eugene area brewers to honor Glen Falconer, AKA "Sasquatch", using Glen's own recipe from his days at Wild Duck brewery in Eugene. I did not know Glen or even know of Glen before trying this beer, but I feel I can safely say that HUB honored the... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Hopworks Noggin Floggin' Barleywine [November 2008]

Hopworks Noggin Floggin' Barleywine [November 2008] Well, we're back. Our Beer of the Month segment has been missing for a few months, but we're going to get back on track and make sure to keep this section up to date. We've got some napkin and coaster notes from past months, so we'll go back and fill in some earlier missed months as well.November's Beer of the Month installment is Hopworks Noggin Floggin' Barleywine. The official... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Hopwork's Original Red [June 2008]

Hopwork's Original Red [June 2008] OK, it's officially beer season! I know, beer season here is year round, but you've got to shout it out once in a while. It's time for the Winter vampires of Portland to finally get some sunshine and visit the outdoors without layers of protective rain gear. One of your first stops should be to Hopworks Urban Brewery to check out their new seasonal Original Red.Brewer's description:"This full bodied NW... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Deschutes Black Butte XX [May 2008]

Deschutes Black Butte XX [May 2008] OK, we're a little late for May, but what's new, right? We had some ideas for May, but I wanted to make sure to get down to Deschutes' New Portland Pub to see if any of there beers spoke to me. Well, after two rounds of the Black Butte XX, not only did the beer talk to me, but so did the walls, and the floor, and the parade... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Laurelwood Darkhorse [April 2008]

Laurelwood Darkhorse [April 2008] Well, here we are again. And, by "again", I mean: here we are, Beer of the Month, about four months behind schedule. We'll be going back to check out notes and fill in the blanks, but for now, it's April 2008 and we've got a hybrid beer to showcase.April is a crossover month, sitting between winter and spring. Portland can fluctuate between snow and hot sun and back again as nature... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Lompoc Old Tavern Rat [December 2007]

Lompoc Old Tavern Rat [December 2007] Ah, December. Colder. Darker. Wetter. But even with all of this, there is a bright spot: barleywine!Barley Wine had to be strong – often between 10% and 12% -- and was stored for prodigious periods of as long at 18 months or two years. When country houses had their own small breweries, it was often the task of the butler to brew ale that was drunk from cut-glass goblets... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Amnesia Sleighjerker [November 2007]

Amnesia Sleighjerker [November 2007] Alright, back to Amnesia Brewing for November's Beer of the Month. October was pretty a mild month for us out here, but November has finally brought Winter with days hovering in the mid 40's and a cold biting wind. So, we fight back the only way we know how--with stronger beers!Weighing in around 8% ABV, Sleighjerker has the ability to take the edge off of a cold night (but honestly, I'd... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Laurelwood Break A Leg Rye [August 2007]

Laurelwood Break A Leg Rye [August 2007] Yep, I already know: another Laurelwood pick? Well, if they would stop making great beer! As most of you know, I've been down and out with a broken leg and Laurelwood is right down the street from me. Right now, it's the easiest place for me to get to. I'll be expanding my picks as my leg heals.I've finally moved to a cane, so it's getting a bit... Read More »

Beer of the Month - Lompoc Strong Draft [July 2007]

Lompoc Strong Draft [July 2007] Well, I've been stuck indoors all summer because of my motorcycle accident which has caused me to miss out on some of the heat and sunshine of the summer months here in Portland. Because of this, some of my summer picks are a bit untraditional for this time of year. Usually in July, a nice crisp Pale or Kolsch will cure the summer heat. However, trapped in an air conditioned... Read More »