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Fermented Photo: Beer Shrapnel

January 13, 2012
Shrapnel from the annual New Year's Eve Tasting. La Ferme de la Ville Provision (2011), Belgian Farmhouse, Block 15 La Folie (2011), Sour Brown, New Belgium Clutch (2011), Dark Sour, New Belgium Kriek (2011), Barrel Aged Kriek, Cascade Brewing The Dissident (2010), Oud Bruin, Deschutes Brewery Love Buzz (2011), Barrel-Aged Brett Saison, Anchorage Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel LSD, Bourbon Barrel Strong Ale, Lompoc Brewing 14 (2010), Barrel Aged Blend, Firestone Walker Labyrinth (2011), Rye Barrel Aged Black Ale, Uinta Brewing Abyss (2010), Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Deschutes Brewery Abyss (2011), Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Deschutes Brewery Bourbon... Read More »

2011 Abyss Release Party at Deschutes Portland Pub

October 30, 2011
Nov. 15, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House 210 NW 11th Ave., Portland (503) 296-4906 We promised details, and he they are!  You'll see me there for a four year vertical.  If you haven't had the willpower to store away bottles for the last three years, this will be your only chance to try all four years side by side. From the official press release: 2011 marks the sixth release of... Read More »

Fermented Photo: Abyss 2011 from Deschutes Brewery

October 28, 2011
Sorry for the cell-phone-nature of this photo, but I had limited time due to things like being required to drink a (different) vertical of beer, write about it, and photograph the process. Oh, the horror! I know, there could be worse ways to spend my time. Regardless of how I spend my time, free time can be very scarce. Unfortunately, you are the ones that have to pay the price by being subjected to that... Read More »

Fermented Photo: 2010 Deschutes Brewery Abyss

December 3, 2010
Straight on the heels of Deschutes Brewery's release of The Dissident, out comes the Abyss.  With larger quantities than The Dissident, this beer should be a bit easier to find both at the pubs and in stores.  Wait too long though, and it will be gone just the same. Read More »

Cellaring Beer and the 2010 New Year's Day Tasting

Another year is upon us, and that means another Annual New Year's Day Tasting for my family.  Overall, the tasting went great, but there were a few mistakes made that we can look forward to cleaning up next year.  In this article, we're going to talk a little bit about cellaring beer--the whats, whens, and whys.  First though, let's go through this years tasting list: Abyss (2007), Deschutes Brewing, Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Abyss (2008),... Read More »

Fermented Photo: 2009 Deschutes Abyss

2009 Deschutes Abyss. The lines stretched around the building on the release day.  Doesn't anyone have anything to do at 2:00pm on a Tuesday?  Don't I have anything to do?  Well, yes.  I was planning to swoop in, pick up a handful of bottles, and be back at work within 30 minutes—just like I did at the Dissident release.  Instead, I saw the line, circled the building in my car, wept, and went back to... Read More »

12 Days of Abyss (Final Installment)

Welcome to the Abyss. OK. I tried. It was a dare. Actually, it was a bet. But it was a bet without money, and that's pretty much just a dare. The idea was to buy a case of Deschutes' Abyss and drink one a day for 12 days. Simple. Or so it seemed.In fact, I upped the ante and said, "12 days? I'm not an amateur! I can do this blindfolded by the end of... Read More »

12 days of Abyss (part 4) (DO NOT TYR THIS ATHOME!}

February 26, 2008
Tonight's intake (at home, on the couch, with a sitter):1) Lazy Boy IPA (22oz)2) Stone Old Guardian (22oz)3) Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard (12oz)4) Deschutes' The Abyss (22oz)OK. Normally, I'd segregate and enjoy my beers. Well, it's not like I'm not enjoying my beers, I'm just rushing a little. I haven't had a day off of my day job in 18 days, and my beer collection has been growing since I haven't had the time to... Read More »

12 Days of Abyss (Part 3)

February 7, 2008
So far, I've done a good job of talking about the idea of the beer, now I'm going to talk about the actual beer. Deschutes' The Abyss is categorized as an Imperial Stout. I'm going to slide it into the Russian Imperial Stout category as recognized by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). Out of the bottle and into the glass... Just like an IPA to India, a Russian Imperial Stout was overhopped and had... Read More »

12 Days of Abyss (Part 2)

February 3, 2008
11 bottles of beer in a box, 11 bottles of beer, take one out... You'll notice something strange in the photo below. When I got the case home, there was already one missing. Don't worry, it's not a mistake. Within ten minutes of purchase, I had already given one away. A friend of mine had his last day at work the same day that the Abyss appeared. As a fellow homebrewer and beer lover, I... Read More »

12 Days of Abyss (Part 1)

February 2, 2008
By now, everyone has either uttered the word, or heard it whispered in the dark corners of your favorite bar: abyss. As soon as the word hits the air, it evaporates into a ghost of a rumor, a tall tale, a big fish. It's nice when it's cold enough outside to keep beer cold. Riding on a huge wave of publicity generated by Men's Health magazine recognizing The Abyss as the World's Best Stout, this... Read More »