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PDX Beer Braul Finals Tonight at Hawthorne Hophouse

Base Camp's In-Tents IPL was one of the easier beers to identify in the Braul While the rest of you were potentially loading up on cheap pints at Hopworks on the Tuesday of Portland Beer Week, I was enjoying the relative calm at the Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse for their PDX BEER BRÄUL at half price. The official write-up from the Hophouse can be found below, but I hope everyone was able hit either location (the original... Read More »

Happy Hour Weekly Planner – SE Portland Edition

Here is the second installment in my Happy Hour Weekly Planner series. The first edition covered N/NE Portland and lined out the fairly rigorous criteria I laid out for establishments to meet. The basic requirement was $3 or less for 'good' beer and $2 or less for 'bad' beer. I tried to spread the love all around SE where beer drinking options abound, but my final list does tend to the areas I frequent more... Read More »

Rise of the Urban Winery

Now that November has arrived, many folks in Portland will start to make plans for the Thanksgiving holiday. Most beer lovers will rightly look past Thanksgiving weekend to the 17th Annual Holiday Ale Festival the following week (November 28th to December 2nd this year). However, for those with family in town you might need to entertain them with Portland things to do. A great tradition for the last 30 years is Wine Country Thanksgiving in the Willamette... Read More »

Second Annual Amnesia Single Hop Fest

Single Hop Fest Amnesia Brewing [Map] Saturday, June 2nd Noon-10p The Single Hop Fest is back for it's second year over at Amnesia Brewing. The idea is simple: one beer, one hop. For the most part, each participating brewery will bring one beer that showcases the different aspects of their chosen hop. It's a great way display the distinct features of each hop and how it contributes to bitterness, flavor, and aroma. For more information,... Read More »

Amnesia Winter Ale Fest

Still thirsty after the Holiday Ale Festival? You're in luck: Amnesia [map] is throwing their Winter Ale Fest this Saturday (December 10th) from noon until 10pm. They will have Frosty's Revenge and SleighJerker as usual along with aged versions including a Frosty's aged on Cognac infused French oak. They are also releasing a new strong milk stout made with flaked oats and lactose sugar called The Milk of Amnesia and we'll be tapping a ferkin... Read More »

Amnesia Single Hop Fest

On Saturday June 4th, Amnesia Brewing will host a mini beer fest dedicated to one hop beers.  These are beers made with just one variety of hop throughout the brewing process from bittering to finishing. There will be eight guest breweries each with a unique style of beer and each beer made with a unique hop variety. Amnesia will also be featuring two single hop seasonals of their own. Also, Along with each beer poured will be a whole... Read More »

With the Sun Shining, Amnesia Can Be Unforgettable

April 29, 2009
Paradise at Amnesia Brewing. One of my favorite statements of all time is "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is." This is a quote from Kurt Vonnegut that is actually a quote from his uncle Alex. Vonnegut encourages us, as his uncle did, to make this statement whenever we notice we are happy. Depending on who you are, the moment that would warrant the utterance of this phrase will vary from something as... Read More »

Photos: Behind the Scenes at Amnesia Brewing

Our next stop is Amnesia Brewing in North Portland. Thanks to Owner/Brewer Kevin King and Brewer Sean Thommen for showing me around and letting me in on the details as they brewed a batch of Desolation IPA! Check out the rest of the photos here. Read More »

Beer of the Month - Amnesia Sleighjerker [November 2007]

Amnesia Sleighjerker [November 2007] Alright, back to Amnesia Brewing for November's Beer of the Month. October was pretty a mild month for us out here, but November has finally brought Winter with days hovering in the mid 40's and a cold biting wind. So, we fight back the only way we know how--with stronger beers!Weighing in around 8% ABV, Sleighjerker has the ability to take the edge off of a cold night (but honestly, I'd... Read More »