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RVA 2, PDX 0

March 11, 2013
The first shot that I heard was fired last October when Richmond, Virginia (RVA) was named by Outside magazine and its readers as the top river town in America from 10 finalists. Although Portland was not one of the finalists, Hood River was on the list and they are an acceptable proxy for PDX in this competition. It does not appear beer was one of the listed criteria, but many of the things we pride... Read More »

PDX Super Bowl Venues

Super Bowl XLVII kicks off in New Orleans at 6:30 PM PST this Sunday (February 3) pitting the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens. If you find yourself in Portland for the big game, most likely you are not here for the football because this is not an NFL town. We do not have our own team and you will only find lukewarm support for the Seahawks up the road in Seattle. With the... Read More »

Embrace the Darkness 2012 at Apex

October 30, 2012
Beers are getting a bit darker and stronger as winter approaches. But why take baby steps to get to the huge, dark, rich behemoths that we all love? Apex Bar is skipping the middle beers and going right for the pitch black darkness. And huge is not an exaggeration, the beers—as tweeted below—have an average ABV of 10.3%! As the press release states, do not drive to this event: find a ride, take a cab,... Read More »