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Beer Adventure in Astoria Oregon: Part Four--Wrap Up

View from Rogue Ales Public House. Yep, this last post is seriously late. But I got a new job, had to pay some bills, and that's what happens. As soon as you start sending me big checks, I can do this full time and be at your service. Until then, you'll have to accept my apologies for running a bit behind. Just so you're not too worried about me, I have been keeping up with... Read More »

Beer Adventure in Astoria Oregon: Part Three--Astoria Brewing

Astoria Brewing's Head Brewer, Bolt Minister. Astoria Brewing lives inside of the Wet Dog Cafe, right on the Columbia River, about five blocks from Fort George Brewery.The first thing I notice about the brewery is that it just might just fit in my living room. And after tasting the beers, I want it in my living room as soon as possible. Not sure that my girlfriend would agree with the new decor though. The 4... Read More »

Beer Adventure in Astoria Oregon: Part Two--Fort George Brewery

Fort George Brewery. I arrive at Fort George Brewery at noon on Saturday. I've got a couple of hours to talk with brewer and proprietor Chris Nemlowill, sample some beer, tour the brewery, and then head off to the next brewery. This seems like ample time as I sit in my car and review my agenda for the day. This assumption will prove false as I head to my first beer meeting of the day.I... Read More »

Beer Adventure in Astoria Oregon: Part One--Go West Young Man

The Astoria Bridge, Oregon Coast Highway. A few weeks ago, I went on a journey to check out the beer scene in Astoria Oregon. Between then and now, I've been juggling a lot and running behind in a few things. I really had no timetable for getting this finished, but I thought it would be finished in the first week or two. That didn't happen. The other night, I went out for a beer (or... Read More »

Photos: Astoria Beer Adventure

I headed out to Astoria last weekend to do some investigative reporting on the beer scene out there. I had a great time, fantastic beer, and met some cool people. I'm working on the article now, but I'm a bit behind due to entertaining some guests this week. So, I'll go ahead and leak some photos to buy me a little more time! The whole story will be finished next week. Check out the rest... Read More »