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Mighty Mites - A Session Beer Festival

Presented by: Beervana and Coalition Brewing Saturday, August 27, noon until the beer runs out Coalition Brewing Patio (Behind the pub at the Grilled Cheese Grill) 2724 SE Ankeny Street Higher gravity beers are the norm out here. In fact, for the 450+ beers we track made right here in Portland, the mean ABV is 6.58%. Jeff Alworth, writer of PDX's esteemed Beervana blog, brings us the Mighty Mites Festival at Coalition Brewing, an event... Read More »

If you have to leave, go to Beervana

October 21, 2008
Let's face it, there are hundreds of beer blogs out there for you to read--some, definitely better than others. While we bring you news, photography, interviews, and beer tools, we can't be everything to everyone. Though we try to keep up with your suggestions and requests, we know that some of you will still be looking for more info on the Portland beer scene.First of all, we're glad you're here, reading this. But, we're realists... Read More »