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All these beers blend together--especially when they're, uh, blended together

July 7, 2008
Brewing grains. As everyone (and their mothers) are reporting, it is now Oregon Craft Beer. In fact, my mother called and left me a message: "Matt, it's July. Don't forget it's Oregon Craft Beer month!" Like I need reminding!As hyper-champions of beer blending, we at are excited to see a few events in support of this art. As Brett mentioned in an earlier post about beer blending, it seems to be a very polarizing... Read More »

All Mixed Up But Not Confused

October 2, 2007
I'm going to tackle another sensitive issue here today. So, if you don't have a strong stomach, look away. If you're still with me--my topic today is beer mixing. To mix or not to mix? This subject matter seems to be very polarizing. Some people mix, the rest find this to be an abomination. Now, usually, there is no right answer to these types of questions, but this time there is: mixing is a good... Read More »