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Happy Hour Weekly Planner – N/NE Portland Edition

Although many folks tout the Northwest’s cold and wet winters as a reason we have such great beer and pub culture, I do not find myself excited to seek out a killer happy hour deal when I punch out and it is already pitch black by 4:30. Therefore, I have held back this post until the sun returned, the days got longer and the mercury routinely rose above 60. The stars have now aligned, so... Read More »

Breakside Brewery presents the Winter Formal

Winter Formal Saturday, Dec. 15th, 7:30pm Melody Ballroom 615 Southeast Alder Street Buy Tickets Sure, you could site on a barstool and drink great beer. Or, you could find a date, grab your dancing shoes, and compete for prizes—all while drinking beer from some fantastic Portland breweries! Over ten Portland beers on tap from Breakside Brewery, Burnside Brewing, and the Commons Brewery. Rare barrel-aged beers will also be tapped throughout the evening. Check out the... Read More »

Scenes from the 2012 Barrel Aged Beer Seminar

Last night, I attended the Barrel Aged Beer Seminar and Tasting, part of a lineup of events for Portland Beer Week. The event centered around 11 different barrel aged beers from four different breweries, with a panel member representing each brewery: Ben Edmunds from Breakside Brewery, Mitch Steele from Stone Brewing, Matt Van Wyk from Oaksire Brewing, and Doug Rehberg from Widmer Brothers Brewing. Like last year, it was a casual event with Ben Edmunds... Read More »

Brewery Profile: Breakside Brewing

June 28, 2011
Portland breweries are like fine pieces of art. Every one is unique in its own way, created by people who have a love and knowledge for beer attained by few. Like all great artists, the owners of Portland's breweries want their works of art to be original, to be filled with their passion and taste really, really good. Well… maybe the art metaphor doesn't work for that last part but you get my point. Now... Read More »