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Brewing Up Cocktails Returns: Winter Holiday Special Edition

December 7, 2011
Well, the cold weather has not only brought some big beers back to life, but the team behind Brewing up Cocktails is back with a Holiday edition of their beer concoctions. Using a craft beer as a mixer is sacrilegious you say? Before you start wagging your finger, remember: people used to think the world was flat. And now, hundreds of years later, only half still believe that. But those that knew the truth were rewarded with trips... Read More »

Brewing up Cocktails Easter Sunday with Oakshire Brewing

April 20, 2011
For the fourth edition of Brewing up Cocktails, events exploring the interplay of beer and spirits to create new drinks, writers and mixologists Ezra Johnson-Greenough and Jacob Grier have taken on yet another challenging theme. This time they’re focusing on the 'Flip' class of drinks using whole eggs and will be partnering with Eugene, OR based Oakshire Brewing who will be providing the beers as well as farm fresh eggs from the brewery’s own chickens. Join them on a beery... Read More »