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Brewvana Connoisseur Tour with Jason McAdam from Burnside Brewing

September 8, 2012
A new Brewvana Connoisseur Tour was just announced, and this one looks great: Breweries, pubs, beer, and whiskey! $85 will get you a seat on the bus, lunch, and beverages along the way. Plus, you get to hang out with one of Portland's beer personalities: Burnside Brewing's Jason McAdam. Check out the official press release below: BREWVANA Brewery Tours is hosting a Connoisseur Tour for local craft beer enthusiasts.  The tour features Jason McAdam, head brewer... Read More »

Brewvana's Connoisseur Tour with Ben Flerchinger

May 24, 2012
There are 6 seats left for this Sunday's Brewvana Connoisseur Tour with Lucky Lab brewer Ben Flerchinger. Beer all day, followed by a food and beer pairing dinner? Now that's a Sunday! The official press release: BREWVANA Brewery Tours is hosting a Connoisseur Tour for local craft beer enthusiasts.  The tour features Ben Flerchinger,  Lucky Lab's head brewer, who will be leading the tour to three breweries, a bottle shop and a upscale dining restaurant. Taking place... Read More »

On the Road with Brewvana

Brewvana Brewery Tours Facebook | Twitter Last weekend, I was invited to participate in a media tour with Brewvana Brewery Tours. All I had to do was show up at the pickup location and I would be whisked away on a mystery tour for five hours. Of course, I'd be required to eat free food and drink free beer. Work, work, work, work, work. Hopping on board the bus, we were greeted by Ashley Rose... Read More »

Introduction to Homebrewing with BREWVANA

March 10, 2012
Brewvana Brewery Tours announces a new tour with a homebrew twist: The Intro to Homebrewing Tour. You'll find more info about Brewvana in an upcoming article covering our recent ride with Ashley and Brewvana. From the official press release: It’s clear that Portland residents love drinking craft beer! Given that, what’s the next logical step? Learning how to brew, of course! BREWVANA Brewery Tours is hosting an Intro to Homebrewing Tour for beer lovers interested in learning... Read More »

Mike Branes Leads Brewvana’s Connoisseur Tour

February 8, 2012
Brewvana's got a great tour this Sunday with 11 seats left. Check out the details in the official press release: BREWVANA Brewery Tours is hosting a Connoisseur Tour for local craft beer enthusiasts. The tour features Mike Branes, Migration Brewery’s head brewer, who will be leading the tour to two breweries, a public house and an English- style pub. Taking place this Sunday, February 12th from 1-5pm, the tour is $69/ person and is all... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Beer Love Tour from Brewvana

January 24, 2012
Tired of seeing heart shaped boxes full of chocolate? Sick of sales on roses? Or maybe you just need a good excuse to drink great Portland beer on a Tuesday. Brewvana Portland Brewery Tours feels the same way! They've created a great package which includes beer, dinner (and more beer), and a movie (and more beer)! Check out the details from the official press release: BREWVANA Portland Brewery Tours is hosting a Valentine's Day BEER... Read More »

Portland Fruit Beer Festival: Eats, Activities, and Transportation

The first annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival is less than two weeks away and the beer list is looking pretty darn delicious. They’re now up to 31 fruit beers being presented next weekend, which will include recently announced Burnside’s Marionberry Berliner-Weisse, to the rare rotating tap list. This is a slightly tart wheat beer with a mild fruitiness and fermented with a lactic bacteria in addition to the German ale yeast resulting in the slightly... Read More »