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OBF Buzz Tent, Now with Less Buzz

Just a quick post and a word of warning. According to the official post above, the OBF Buzz Tent is unlikely to be resuscitated for the remainder of the fest. As of last night, the crowds drank up all, or at least most, of the 50+ Buzz Beers.  Our own Rachael Bennett attended the festival two days in a row, so she is probably responsible for at least half of the missing beer. On one hand, these... Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival: Buzz Beer Lineup

Below is a list of the beers pouring in the 2011 OBF Buzz Tent.  These beers stray from the conventional list by being a little more aggressive, a bit more rare, and a tad more expensive.  The Buzz Beer tent was added to the festival in 2009 to not only increase the beer variety, but also to cater more toward the beer geek crowd.   While the fest provides a lot of beer variety, many... Read More »