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Fermented Photo: Scenes from NYE 2010

A scene from our annual New Year's Eve beer tasting. Each year, my family gets together and we have a tasting so that I can introduce them to new and interesting beers.  What started as a couple of us and a couple of bottles has now turned into a more formal event.  This year, we had sixteen people and several boxes of beers. Plus, this event is a good excuse to squirrel some away. Without... Read More »

Fermented Photo: Cascade Brewing Vlad the Imp Aler

Vlad the Imp Aler (10.3% ABV / 6 IBU): This strong NW sour is a blend of strong blonde quads and tripels aged in oak and Bourbon barrels, then further blended with spiced blondes and left to condition for an additional five months. Click here for a photo of inaugural release cousin Bourbonic Plague. Read More »

Cascade Brewing Barrel House: Preview

The clouds have come in, the rain is trickling, and if you've been listening to the wind, it's been whispering: Bourbonic Plague.  If you've got a beer geek friend (and who doesn't here in Portland), you've probably noticed some strange behavior lately: a seemingly random tilting of the head at an odd moment.  Or maybe a squinting of the eyes at something that is just beyond the horizon.  If you haven't been able to figure... Read More »

Obligatory Year-End Thingy

Well, it is the end of 2009 and, as is customary at the end of any year, the media has thrown at us 2009 year in review after 2009 year in review. Recaps of the past year's events fill almost every television station, every website and every newspaper. Covering everything from the year in celebrity gossip to the year in natural disaster gossip, these 365 day highlight reels come at us with almost punishing frequency.... Read More »

Photos: Behind the Scenes at Cascade Brewing

September 20, 2008
Cascade Brewing has always been on the list of breweries to shoot, but for some reason they ended up near the end. Well, we finally climbed over the West Hills over to check out their operations. They are definitely doing a lot of unique things at the brewery, but that's better left for an article. So enjoy the peek into the workings of Cascade Brewing and check back soon for the full story! Check out... Read More »