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Hop in the Dark, the Challenge

Some beers are simply brewed and bottled.  Others take a different route, a route that beings almost two years ago, in a land far, far away... In October of 2008, Deschutes Brewery introduced the first version of it's Hop in the Dark, a Cascadian Dark Ale.  Though it wasn't know by that moniker quite yet, this first generation IPA brewed with dark malts was a hit with the masses and brewer Larry Sidor decided that Deschutes should... Read More »

Beer Release: Hop in the Dark, Deschutes Brewery

What takes 22 brews and more than a year of experiments to reach perfection? Deschutes Brewery’s newest Bond Street Series release: Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale (C.D.A.). C.D.A. is a new style of beer that emerged recently in the Pacific Northwest, more widely known as a Black I.P.A. There has been a significant movement and debate in the region to call the style C.D.A., and Deschutes Brewery leads the way with Hop in... Read More »