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Fermented Photo: Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes Brewery

The "White IPA" style on the label should be a giveaway: this is not your normal IPA. But don't let that scare you: this is an excellent beer. As with every other Deschutes Brewery beer, this ale has gone through many iterations and tests at the Deschutes Proving Grounds (DPG)—aka the Deschutes brewpubs. Deschutes Brewery is not afraid to ask consumers for their opinions on new recipes and they are not afraid to change these... Read More »

Chainbreaker IPA from Deschutes Brewery

Those of you that came out to my Of Pints and Men beer photography show at Gigantic Gallery, got a sneak peek at Chainbreaker White IPA graciously donated by Deschutes Brewery. In fact, we kicked an entire 13 gallon keg in a matter of a few hours! I'm so proud of us. But playing around with an IPA is a dangerous proposition. It's obvious that we take pride in our huge floral and citrusy IPAs here... Read More »