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Concordia Ale House Washington Cup 2011

Concordia Ale House Washington Cup 2011 (© Rachael Bennett) I have never been to a brawl, let alone a Beer Brawl, so I decided to head over to Concordia Ale House for the start of their Washington Cup to see what it was all about.  I knew there would be some sort of judging, and of course drinking, so I jumped on the opportunity of combining my two favorite hobbies. When I arrived, I was presented... Read More »

Imperial Birthday Beer Week

As if Oregon Craft Beer Month didn't give me enough to do, I decided to enjoy a self-imposed Imperial Birthday Beer Week: on each of the seven days surrounding my birthday, I sought out an Oregon brewed imperial beer.  I didn't give much preparation to the challenge, I just woke up Sunday and decided to give it a try.  How hard would it be to find (and drink) one imperial beer each day for a... Read More »

Concordia Cup 2010 Results

What a way to end Oregon Beer Craft Month: twelve unmarked Oregon Imperial IPAs in 3 ounce tasters for $13!  Of course, not everyone out there is a hophead, but for those of us that love big imperial IPAs, this is a fun event every year.  Work your way through the tasters, take some notes, and mark your top contender on the ballot.  Concordia Ale House does heavy lifting when it comes to counting the... Read More »

The Biggest and Baddest Oregon Imperial IPAs: The Concordia Cup

Ten 3oz. Imperial IPA samples and scorecard for the 2008 Concordia Cup. Imperial IPA lover? Get your butt to Concordia Ale House July 9th - July 13th for the Concordia Cup! Ten of the best Oregon Imperial IPAs battle it out for supremacy and your vote counts.OK, now that the press release talk is over, let's get down to what's actually involved here. First of all, for all of you that think that beer bloggers... Read More »