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A Walk Through Fire & Brimstone: A Celebration of Smoke & Chili Beers

September 28, 2011
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Elii Walsh's inaugural post with our blog. She will be drinking her way through Portland and writing about her adventures. Please join me in welcoming her to her new home at! In the bottle shop of the Hop and Vine, a carefully chosen selection of smoke and chili beers, mainly from Oregon, (with guest stars from Alaska, California, Colorado, Utah, and even the Netherlands) were set up Saturday the 24th and... Read More »

Fire & Brimstone: Official List of Smoke & Chili Beers

September 20, 2011
Looks like a spectacular event going on at the The Hop & Vine this weekend: All smoke and chili beers!  This event is a great way to see how different, mostly local, breweries create their unique versions of these styles.  From the official press release: Where there is smoke there is fire and The Hop & Vine is boiling with anticipation to be bringing them to the first annual Fire & Brimstone: A celebration of smoke & chili beers.... Read More »