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FredFest Date Change, Tickets On Sale

PORTLAND, Ore.  — The littlest big beer festival in the world – or at least in Portland – is slated for Monday, May 10, Fred's actual 84th birthday.  Tickets go on sale immediately at the official Web site: What started as a surprise 80th birthday party for world-renowned beer writer Fred Eckhardt grows each year and has become a significant fundraiser for the charity of Eckhardt’s choice. Now in its fifth year, this year’s proceeds... Read More »

Two Beer Icons

Two Beer Icons. Writing a caption for this photo was harder than expected. It kind of turned out to be like a chicken and egg problem, or a recursive acronym, or something.On the left, Fred Eckhardt, homebrewing icon, author, and all around great guy. On the right, Alan Sprints, founder of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company and mastermind of great original ales. I was happy to capture these two together.But looking a little deeper,... Read More »