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Fresh Hops are NOT the New Bacon

Fresh Hop French Press The Fresh Hops Workshop presented last Saturday night by Portland Beer Week at Saraveza's Bad Habit Room was an excellent opportunity to sample some outstanding fresh hop beers and to also experience fresh hops via other avenues. Like most craft beer drinkers in the Northwest, I love hoppy beers and look forward to fresh hop beers all year long. However, the workshop convinced me that, unlike bacon, hops do not make... Read More »

Fresh Hops Workshop at Saraveza

For those that thought Portland Beer Week was a week-long celebration of all things beer in Portland held every June, you would only be partially correct. The actual 'week' was held this year over a baker's dozen week of 11 days from June 7th to the 17th. In addition, PDX Beer Week is morphing into the gift that keeps on giving the whole year (much like a Jelly of the Month Club) by adding events... Read More »

Fermented Photo: BridgePort Brewing's Hop Harvest

BridgePort Brewing Company, Oregon's oldest craft brewery releases its 2010 Hop Harvest beer September 16th at the Pearl district brewpub. This year’s Hop Harvest features fresh Centennial hops from third-generation, family-owned Goschie Farms in Silverton, Ore. When announced by Gayle Goschie, farm head of Goschie Farms, the crop was ripe for harvest, BridgePort’s Brewmaster, Jeff Edgerton, and family, drove to the farm with utility trailer in tow. Armed with burlap bags, the group took to... Read More »

Celebrate the Hop Harvest with Three Fresh Hop Beers from Full Sail Brewing Company

It's that time of year: Fresh hops, fresh hop festivals, fresh hop beers.  Full Sail is kicking off the season with three fresh hop seasonals.  Two of these are the same beer made with different hop varieties, showcasing the difference in First Gold and Centennial hops.  These beers are great for a side-by-side comparison, and a simple way to discover the aroma and taste differences for yourself. Check out the rest of the details in... Read More »

Fresh Nugget Hops

September 17, 2008
Fresh Nugget hops. Laurelwood brewer Paul Bergeman drove into Portland this morning with a truck full of fresh hops. These Nugget hops are from a hop farm in Hubbard, OR, and will be used in Laurelwood's second fresh hop release: Fresh Nugs Ale. The hop harvest season is at a close and these hops are some of the last to be plucked from the vine.Laurelwood is releasing two fresh hop beers this season, the first... Read More »

Fresh Hops for Portland

November 6, 2007
Once each year, toward the end of September, there is an unusual site as Oregon brewers in vans and pickups race around the Willamette Valley, leaving a trail of hop cones behind them. The beginning of this trail may start at any of the hop fields that are so prevalent in this area. Following the trail in the opposite direction, you'll wind up at any of several breweries in Portland, but you won't find any... Read More »