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9th Annual Hood River Hops Fest: The Beer List

September 19, 2012
Hood River Hops Fest Saturday September 29th Noon- 9pm 20 and under free until 5:30 p.m. 21 and up from 6p-9p 21 and over $6.00, includes tasting stein $4.00 for wine drinkers and designated drivers Tokens are $1 each. 4 tokens = a full beer, or 1 token = a taste. #hrhops12 Fresh hop beers are on their way to Hood River for the 9th Annual Hood River Hops Fest. 51 fresh hop beers will... Read More »

Summer Closed With The 8th Annual Hood River Hops Fest

Fresh hop season has come and gone, and being Oregonians, we are not only spoiled with so many breweries close to home, but these breweries have access to some of the local fresh hops this time of year straight from the Willamette Valley. So as Summer closed, our beloved local brewers not only created new fresh hop beers, but also recreated versions of our classic favorites. Every fall, the Hood River Chamber of Commerce brings... Read More »