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2012 Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery

September 4, 2012
Jubelale hits the shelves for the 25th year this October. Deschutes Brewery is now covering 16 US states, so those of us lucky enough to get this will see it in bottles and on draft through December. As usual, the artwork for the bottle is fantastic. In fact, this year's artwork is a design comprised solely of previous years label art through collaging bits and pieces together to form an entirely new piece. Bend Artist Kaycee Anseth Townsend said,... Read More »

Fermented Photo: 2011 Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery

September 9, 2011
Details about this year's Jubelale are starting to leaking out, even thought the beer won't hit the shelves until October.  Jubelale rears it's beautiful head around Oregon in many shapes and sizes around Oregon throughout the year.  A few weeks back, Tonip Lebuj (Jubelale aged in Pinot Barrels) was on tap at the Portland Pub.  Two weeks ago, bottles of Jubel 2010 (the Once in a Decade Reserve Series version)  mysteriously reappeared in Portland. Vintages of this... Read More »

Deschutes Brewery Announces Jubelale Release

Any murmurings on Deschutes Brewery's Jubel Ale release should signify a change of season.  After all, it is their Winter ale.  As the press release below denotes, this beer will be hitting the shelves in October.  In fact, Portlander's often see these releases even earlier than the printed date, so I'd expect to see these in September around here.  It's pretty early for a Winer Ale release and I have to wonder if a beer this good... Read More »