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Initial Thoughts: 2013 Oregon Brewers Festival in Review

Rare site at OBF - no line for beer! The first Wednesday ever of the Oregon Brewers Fest is now in full swing and I was able to partake in a portion of it. These tidbits may help others navigate some of the next four days of debauchery (for my preview, check here): Wednesday is no secret: Although I timed my visit after the paraders had most likely cleared out and before the happy hour crowd... Read More »

2013 OBF Week Preview

The biggest brew fest of the Portland season returns this Wednesday for a five day run at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Here are the pertinent details on the 26th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival for those just interested in the facts: Location: Main entrance at S.W. Oak Street and Naito Parkway in downtown Portland Dates: July 24 - 28, 2013 (always the last full weekend in July) Times: Wednesday through Saturday: taps are open from Noon... Read More »

2012 OBF for the Masses

As most of you probably know, the Oregon Brewers Festival runs this weekend starting on Thursday with the Brewers Brunch & Parade and continues until the taps close at 7 PM on Sunday. OBF is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and the details have changed very little over the years. Here are the particulars: Venue: Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland. The website points you to the main entrance at SW Oak Street and Naito... Read More »

My First Oregon Brewers Festival: A Hazy Recollection

Movie: My First Oregon Brewers Festival July 25th, 7:00pm Living Room Theater A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to sit in on a panel discussion and mingle with the main men who made the Oregon Brewers Festival happen. Preceding the panel, they had the first showing for the Oregon Brewers Guild documentary: My First Oregon Brewers Festival which has held at McMenamin's Mission Street Theater. The panel consisted of: Art Larrance, producer... Read More »

OBF Buzz Tent, Now with Less Buzz

Just a quick post and a word of warning. According to the official post above, the OBF Buzz Tent is unlikely to be resuscitated for the remainder of the fest. As of last night, the crowds drank up all, or at least most, of the 50+ Buzz Beers.  Our own Rachael Bennett attended the festival two days in a row, so she is probably responsible for at least half of the missing beer. On one hand, these... Read More »

24th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival

It's finally here! The 24th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival began yesterday at Tom McCall Waterfront park. This event has been on my mind since first hearing about it a few months ago. I was told, or you could say warned, to bring a huge jug of water and an even larger jug of patience to deal with the enormous lines, hot sun, and beer-crazed festival goers, ready to let their hair down. For those of... Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival: Buzz Beer Lineup

Below is a list of the beers pouring in the 2011 OBF Buzz Tent.  These beers stray from the conventional list by being a little more aggressive, a bit more rare, and a tad more expensive.  The Buzz Beer tent was added to the festival in 2009 to not only increase the beer variety, but also to cater more toward the beer geek crowd.   While the fest provides a lot of beer variety, many... Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival: 2011 Beer Lineup

Alright, the 24th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival is upon us! Starting next Thursday, we will be seeing hordes of people flocking to the Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the Willamette River for their choice of beer from 84 different breweries. Covering a whopping 33 beer styles, the beer festival shows off beer from 14 different states, with Oregon representing 46 of the beer choices. Not listed below, and rotating quickly throughout the festival, are 51... Read More »

What I Learned at this Year's OBF

Ah, Brew Fest, my favorite weekend in Portland.  The temperature rises exponentially throughout the day, and just when it is about to become unbearable, a nice cool breeze rolls in from the Willamette.  Breweries haul out their best work in order impress both beer drinking amateurs and aficionados.  Friends gather to drink good brew and make new friends.  It truly is an experience. So why does this wonderful weekend have to end?  Mostly because if... Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival 2010

I'm feeling very sentimental after the opening day of this year's Oregon Brewers Festival.  Maybe it was the beer.  Maybe it's just because I'm getting older.  Maybe it was listening to Elliot Smith's XO on the Max ride home.  Maybe it was the beer.  Wait, did I say that one already?  Yeah, it was definitely the beer. As most of you know, some select media gets treated to a festival preview in order to taste... Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival: Buzz Tent

Oregon Brewer's Festival 2008. Well, the Oregon Brewers Festival is upon us. Every year, there is more beer, more people, and hotter temperatures. I use up a few vacation days each year so that I can make it out to the festival by noon on Thursday and Friday, avoiding much of the crowd and concentrating on the beer. This time, the organizers are adding another feature to the festivities: The Buzz Tent. It's kind of... Read More »

Fermented Photo: Oregon Brewers Fest 2008

Fred Eckhardt at last year's brewer's dinner.One of the best parts of the OBF is the Brewer's Dinner. Tickets sell out fast for a reason: exclusive beers, great food, and a lot of beer celebrities. Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival bucks the economic downturn, celebrates banner year with record attendance and sales

2008 Oregon Brewers Festival (Brewers Dinner). PORTLAND, Ore. – July 31, 2008 – America’s economy may be in a downturn, but the effects didn’t show at the 21st annual Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF). The nation’s largest outdoor craft beer festival witnessed record attendance with 70,000 people, a 15 percent increase over last year’s all time high. Beer sales followed suit, also showing a 15 percent increase. The four-day event concluded on July 27th at Tom... Read More »

Photos: 2008 Oregon Brewers Festival -- Brewers Dinner

Here are some shots of the Brewers Dinner on the night before the festival opens. Great people, great food, and awesome beer! Check out the rest of the photos here. Read More »

2008 Oregeon Brewers Festival -- Exclusive Brewers Dinner Beer List

Brewers Dinner pint glass. I just wanted to post a quick note about the beers featured at the 2008 Brewers Dinner, which kicks off the Oregon Brewers Festival the night before it opens. Along with great food, this dinner features about 25 beers which are not featured at the OBF.I know, if you missed it, this list won't help you. But maybe you'll see that it would be wise to get your tickets ahead of... Read More »

2008 Oregon Brewers Festival Beer Descriptions

Oregon Brewers Festival 21st Amendment BrewerySan Francisco, CA21st-amendment.comHell or High Watermelon / Wheat Beer with fruitOG: 1.048FG: 1.010ABV: 5.2IBUs: 17Color: GoldenOne of the most popular beers at the OBF for several years, this wheat beer is flavored with real watermelon, giving the beer a subtle aroma and a dry, tart flavor. Low hopping levels let the unique taste of wheat and watermelon shine through.Alameda BrewhousePortland, ORalamedabrewhouse.comEast Village Amber / AmberOG: 1.054FG: 1.014ABV: 5.2IBUs: 33Color: Dark... Read More »

70+ Beers Not Enough? More Events During The Oregon Brewers Festival

Oregon Brewers Festival Four days of drinking at the Oregon Brewers Festival not enough for you? 70+ beers not enough to keep you occupied? No problem! Check out these other events preceding the 2008 Oregon Brewers Festival.July 23, 2008Oregon Brewers DinnerTom McCall Waterfront Park, SW Pine St and Bill Naito Parkway6 to 8:30 p.m.$ or 503-288-2739/800-440-2537The Oregon Brewers Dinner is an annual barbecue held the eve of the Oregon Brewers Festival. The event is attended... Read More »

21st Annual Oregon Brewers Festival Official Press Release

Scene from last year's Oregon Brewers Festival. PORTLAND, Ore. - March 26, 2008 - In 1933 the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment, which had mandated nationwide Prohibition. Since the Oregon Brewers Festival turns 21 this year, the event finds it fitting to celebrate the ratification of the 21st Amendment during its four-day course. One of the nation's longest-running and best-loved craft beer festivals will take place July 24 through... Read More »

Photos: 2007 Oregon Brewers Festival

Photos from the 2007 Oregon Brewers Festival. Check out the rest of the photos here. Read More »

Oregon Brewers Festival Preparation

It's that time of the year again, thank god. The 20th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival is just around the corner. This year, 73 breweries are scheduled to appear and share their wares. If you can't find a beer to fall in love with here, you've mistakenly categorized yourself as a beer lover. Maybe you should try a wine tasting instead. The transaction is simple: choose a beer (or a short line) and trade your token... Read More »