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Full Sail Brewing Celebrates Oregon Craft Beer Month

Brewmaster John Harris and Brewer Phil Roche from Full Sail's Brewery at Riverplace in Portland. Hood River, - June 27, 2008 -- This year Full Sail celebrates 21 years of doing what they love, brewing beer. As a continuation of their 21st birthday celebrations, Full Sail is proud to announce the next beer in their line up of small batch draft beers called "Brewer's Share." The brewery will launch their second offering, Lizama Summer Weizen,... Read More »

July is Oregon Craft Beer Month!

Wow, we just got the events list from the Oregon Brewers Guild and holy #%@%%$, it's good to be a beer drinker in Oregon! I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. Walking you through this one step at a time would take hours, and neither you or I have that kind of time if we're going to seriously prepare for July...JulyFirst of all, there is something going on every single day in... Read More »