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Fresh Hops Workshop at Saraveza

For those that thought Portland Beer Week was a week-long celebration of all things beer in Portland held every June, you would only be partially correct. The actual 'week' was held this year over a baker's dozen week of 11 days from June 7th to the 17th. In addition, PDX Beer Week is morphing into the gift that keeps on giving the whole year (much like a Jelly of the Month Club) by adding events... Read More »

Portland Beer Week Celebrates the World’s Most Vibrant Beer Community

August 9, 2011
Official announcements have been made, with more on the way.  On the heels of Oregon Craft Beer month, comes PDX Beer Week, another celebration of beer in Portland.  Rather than a centralized festival, events will be hosted at Portland's best beer venues, neighborhoods, taprooms, and breweries.   Some of the official events are announced below, with more on the way.  The complete list of more than 24 events (and more still being added) can be... Read More »