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Pete: The One Who Stands Before Beer

Oregon Brew Crew brewing Protector Pale Ale © Ben Caldwell Once upon a time there was a young lad, Pete, who lived in the shadows of a large city. His occupation was to be on call, springing into action when the city required that its pipes be flushed. Working long and hard Pete performs alone laboring effortlessly so that the city can continue to produce. Tucked away and out of sight the solitary Pete seldom... Read More »

Brewery/Brewpub/Homebrew Supply Profile: Portland U-Brew

April 3, 2012
Portland U-Brew 6237 SE Milwaukie Ave Website | Twitter The title says it all. But I'll elaborate on the subject. Many many moons ago, or however many moons showed up in the last nine months ago, a homebrewpub opened in the Westmoreland area. It is called Portland U-Brew... and it is awesome. After a long and arduous day at work in northeast Portland, I started my car and pointed it south. I picked up a... Read More »