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Photos: Behind the Scenes at Rock Bottom Brewery

Here is the next set in our series of Portland Brewery photography. Last week, we hit Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Portland. Thanks to Van Havig and Vasili Gletsos for letting us poke around the brewery and step on their toes! Check out the rest of the photos here. Read More »

10 Questions with Van Havig of Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom's Brewmaster Van Havig. Brewer's Name:Van HavigBrewery:Rock Bottom Brewery1) If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you could only choose one pound of either hops, water, barley, or yeast, which would it be, and why?I'd take the barley, basically since you didn't mention if it was malted, so I'll assume it isn't. I could then plant it, grow more, and eventually start a plantation – have you seen the price of barley... Read More »