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Over the Top: A Fort George Tap Takeover at Roscoe's

Over the Top Fort George Tap Takeover Roscoe's 4pm, Saturday, Nov. 17th Fort George Brewery is sending delegates and beer to Portland—the most beer they've ever had on tap outside of their brewery. This Saturday at Roscoe's, Fort George Brewery is taking over the taps with some kick-ass beers. "This could be the last appearance of Bourbon Barrel Cavatica Stout, Flanders Nut Red Ale, and South," said Fort George's Brian Bovenizer. I was going to pick... Read More »

Roscoe's 3rd Annual Belgian Beer Summit

May 24, 2012
3rd Annual Belgian Beer Summit Roscoe's 8105 SE Stark Street Friday, May 25th, 4pm Another great Roscoe's beer summit is upon us. This time, Roscoe's will be pouring Belgian and Belgian-style beers from around the world. There are a lot of great beers going on tap and you can work your way through the taplist via sampler trays as usual. Some of the beers you'll taste tomorrow: Rodenbach—Grand Cru Double Mountain—2011 Sacre Bleu Corsendork—Apple White... Read More »

Three of the Best Places in Portland for Great Beer and Phenomenal Food

We all know that finding good beer in Portland is like finding sand on a beach. You can now walk into almost any bar or restaurant in your area and find at least one quality local beer on tap. It's so common in fact, that I find myself surprised when I walk into a place and don't find Ninkasi's Total Domination, or Deschutes' Mirror Pond on tap—that's blasphemy in Portland! However, if you're looking for... Read More »

Roscoe's 2nd Annual Stout Summit

February 24, 2012
2nd Annual Stout Summit Roscoe's Friday, Feb. 24th, 4pm 8105 SE Stark St. Roscoe's brings us another great beer summit tonight. Below are a few of the beers that will start pouring at 4pm. Be warned, I'm going to try and drink most of these before you get there! Deschutes—2010 Abyss Oakshire—Cordial Love: brewed with cocoa nibs and aged on espresso beans and cherries Great Divide—2010 Chocolate Yeti Boneyard—Sug Knite Upright—Bourbon Barrel Stout of Monte... Read More »

KillerBeerWeek Rolls On with Killer Beers of Southern Oregon!

Bottles 5015 NE Fremont St. 5PM-close Brewpublic's KillerBeerWeek rolls on with Killer Beers of Southern Oregon at Bottles tonight: "Bottles has quickly asserted itself as one of the best places for great beer in not only the Beaumont Neighborhood, but also in Portland. Oregon is a big-ass state so we’ve decided to head south and wrangle up a nice assortment of craft beers from Southern Oregon breweries such as SOB, Caldera, Wild River, Klamath Basin,... Read More »

Roscoe's 2nd Annual Oregon Craft Beer Summit

Ripped from the headlines! Well, ok, ripped from Roscoe's Facebook Events Page. But ripped nonetheless. Actually, Co-owner Jeremy sent this to me, so it's not ripped at all. It is, however, a great beer lineup at a great place. Take a look: Get ready to show some love for our amazing Oregon Breweries. Roscoe's 2nd Annual Oregon Craft Beer Summit is coming up on Friday July 29th beginning at 4PM with great Oregon beer flowing... Read More »