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Beer Roadtrip: Scotland (Part 2)

Black Isle Brewery's first brewing location, now supported by a new larger facility. From Inverness, we traveled north to Black Isle Brewery, an all organic brewery producing a current lineup of about ten beers, all available in bottles. As I mentioned earlier, this is where the battle lines on real ale get a bit murky. Included in Black Isle Brewing's beer range is a line of "Organic Live Bottle Conditioned Beers", which CAMRA defines as... Read More »

Beer Roadtrip: Scotland (Part 1)

Becky and I decided to head out of Portland, hopped on I-205 North, and a couple of turns later ended up in: Scotland.  Alright, there was a bit more to it than that, but this isn't a blog that specialized in travel planning. Most beer drinkers in Scotland—who care about what they are drinking—are firmly planted into two camps: traditional real ales and emerging craft beer. I'm using the word emerging here as compared to... Read More »