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Second Annual Amnesia Single Hop Fest

Single Hop Fest Amnesia Brewing [Map] Saturday, June 2nd Noon-10p The Single Hop Fest is back for it's second year over at Amnesia Brewing. The idea is simple: one beer, one hop. For the most part, each participating brewery will bring one beer that showcases the different aspects of their chosen hop. It's a great way display the distinct features of each hop and how it contributes to bitterness, flavor, and aroma. For more information,... Read More »

Amnesia Single Hop Fest

On Saturday June 4th, Amnesia Brewing will host a mini beer fest dedicated to one hop beers.  These are beers made with just one variety of hop throughout the brewing process from bittering to finishing. There will be eight guest breweries each with a unique style of beer and each beer made with a unique hop variety. Amnesia will also be featuring two single hop seasonals of their own. Also, Along with each beer poured will be a whole... Read More »