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Fermented Photo: The Dissident

The Dissident from Deschutes Brewery. Gone as quickly as it appeared, selling out in under three hours at the Portland Pub. Sporadic cases have hit a few stores, good luck! Read More »

The Dissident 2010

Three things that make me think that this release is getting pretty damn close: Tweet from Deschutes today: "The Dissident sure smells good. Having a little tasting session with the brewers to determine the perfect blend for 2010." Label approval (uh, see above) Best After date on label: Usually about a year after release, and we're well into that territory. The last release of this in bottles was in 2008, too long ago.  I was... Read More »

Upcoming Bottle Releases from Deschutes Brewery

Just got some information from Deschutes about some upcoming beer releases over the next few months.  While Hop in the Dark will be debuting in bottles on the shelves this month, Black Butte XXII will be out at the end of June and The Dissident will be out in September.  More details as the release dates approach and I can get my hands on some.  For now, here's plenty of information so that you can... Read More »