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Matt J. Wiater Editor

States lived in: IL, CA, NJ, NY, PA, SC, OR. Jobs held: Certified Produce Professional, Photographer, Pizza Delivery Driver, Newspaper Delivery Bicyclist, Furniture Mover, Web Developer, University Instructor, Screenwriter.

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Scott Schwab Staff Writer

Scott’s another Midwest transplant that moved here in his mid 20's to retire to a better life. He now lives in NE with his wife Laura and their pups Addison and Jubel. When he’s not seeking out great beer, he’s most likely enjoying the outdoors, searching for lost hikers, biking to a food cart or traveling as a business consultant.

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Mike Conway Staff Writer

Mike loves biking and beer. When he is not biking or drinking beer he can be found drinking beer at Belmont Station. A native of California, he moved to Portland after completing his graduate work at Humboldt State. He spends much of his time with his wife and cats, reading Steinbeck and Hemingway, growing food in his garden, and brewing beer. If you buy him a pint, he'll be your friend.

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Jen Peck Contributor

Jen is a product of the damp and wild Olympic National Forest near the stormy Washington coast. Granddaughter of an Olympia Beer Company foreman, it took years to discover craft beer, but she relishes every new experience, sour to bitter to yeasty to smoky. That said, she will never refuse a good tumbler of whiskey; it pairs well with good beer.

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Elii Walsh Contributor

Elii drinks, photographs, and reviews beer in Portland (AKA Beervana), OR. Most evenings you can find her enjoying beer at her local haunt, or while watching movies at home. She enjoys science fiction, oddities, foreign movies, and graphic novels.

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Ian Lass Contributor

He's lived in the Portland area his whole life and is now residing in rural Beaverton. If he's not at a beer festival, he's most likely miles out in the forest snowboarding, hiking, camping (or just enjoying being away from the hustle of society).

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Brett Nelson Contributor (Semi-Retired)

Brett lives in Portland. Sometimes. Other times he lives in Hood River, and Ft. Collins, Colorado. When he's in town, he writes for the blog. Sometimes. He's a friend of the site, so we have an open door policy. But he's like that unemployed step-uncle who overstays his welcome and everyone uses the word "creepy" to describe him.

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Benjamin Thomas Caldwell Contributor (Retired)

When Ben's not playing nice with coffee-lovers downtown he can be found hiding out in the Sellwood area. A graduate of Marylhurst University his passions include media analysis, University of Alabama Football, skiing, film, being social offline and continuing to fall deeply in love with the enchanting state of Oregon, one beer at a time.

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Rachael Bennett Contributor (Retired)

Rachael lives in Oregon City. Rachael moved here from Boise, Idaho where she discovered her passion for craft beer. After having her own blog for a brief two months she moved over to the Portland area to continue her education in the health field and practice her hobby, drinking beer.

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Ian Seniff Contributor (Retired)

A Hoosier born and raised, Ian fled Indiana four years ago to come to Portland to pursue his dream of being an artist. He currently is a security guard at the Portland Art Museum who spends most his earnings on craft beer. Dreams are funny like that. Check out his work at ianseniff.com.

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Marcus A. Lund Contributor (Retired)

Marcus lives in Portland. He works as a pizza cook at a top notch pizza restaurant. (He'd tell us where, but then we'd always be bugging him for free pizza.) His post-collegiate life has been good to him so far. When he isn't working, he is writing and drinking great brews. You can can find out more about him on his website: marcusalund.net.

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Otto Drinker of Spilled Beer, Apprentice

Otto is in training to take over Remy's prematurely vacated position. He is a bit spastic in his duties, but his attention to detail is remarkable. View cute photos of Otto.

Remy Drinker of Spilled Beer, Departed

Along for the ride since the site started in 2005, Remy quickly rose to the rank of Master Drinker of Spilled Beer. She attended beer events, met celebrity brewers, and helped with light filing at the portlandbeer.org headquarters. She will be missed.